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This is the Correct Way to Prepare Baking Soda to Reduce Belly Fat

Did you know that this simple ingredient can help you lose weight and reduce belly fat? In this article you can find three ways in which you can use baking soda to prepare the miraculous fat-burning drinks that have the ability to significantly reduce stomach fat and help you get a flat stomach.

How to use baking soda to reduce your abdominal fat

Baking soda with apple cider vinegar


  • 2 tbsps. of apple cider vinegar
  • 1 glass of water
  • ½ teaspoon of baking soda


Combine the ingredients in a glass and consume the mixture every morning before breakfast.

Baking soda and lemon juice or grapefruit


  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 lemon or grapefruit
  • ½ glass of water


Mix the lemon juice or grapefruit juice with baking soda in a glass of water. Stir well to completely dissolve the ingredients. Consume the mixture on an empty stomach, 20 minutes before breakfast.

Baking soda with fruit


  • 2 cups of water
  • 2 lemons
  • 1 cup of strawberries
  • 1 sprig of fresh mint leaves


Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend for 2 minutes. You can also add some ice. Consume 2 cup of the smoothie a day.

Extra tip: It is recommended that you add a tablespoon of cinnamon in the mixture since cinnamon stimulates weight loss.


Hair loss and baldness commonly are caused by the aging process. But aging is not the only factor that is the culprit nowadays, even young people are beginning to suffer from hair loss thanks to our modern lifestyle, the environment and the associated factors like pollution, stress and toxins in food.

Hair loss affects everyone’s confidence and both genders can suffer from hair loss.

Hair loss has become a big menace for both the sexes, and affects everyone’s confidence. When faced with the dilemma, people often use different methods to achieve their old looks. But most often they end up messing up things.

All the chemicals that companies advertise actually don’t deliver the desired results. Then there is the option of hair transplantation, but it is too expensive for everyone.


In this article we present you the best and safest way to treat hair loss and baldness, and the truth is that it does work. For this method you will not need costly or artificial chemicals.

You can prepare the treatment right at home. The best thing is that it requires nothing more than 3 ingredient.


The following guide will tell you how to prepare this almost free remedy:

Castor Oil – 2 tablespoons
Egg yolk – from 1 egg
Honey – 1 tablespoon

Take a bowl and mix all these ingredients together. Stir well to ensure that they are mixed properly. Apply the mixture smoothly on the hair roots and the length of the hair. Put on a shower cap and wait for at least 2 hours.

Wash the hair with shampoo/conditioner. You may also use hair mask. Apply it at least once a week and follow the routine for 2 months.


Castor Oil – This oil has been used for thousands of years for treating hair loss. It has strong antifungal and antibacterial features. It helps eliminate dandruff, infections of the scalp and folliculitis. The ricinoleic acid present in castor oil helps in improving blood flow to the hair roots (scalp) and promotes hair growth. Studies show that it has the potential to improve hair growth by as much as 5 times.

Honey – Honey is itself a powerful antioxidant that also has great fungicidal and germicidal benefits. When combined with its natural wax, all these properties make honey the perfect hair conditioner that prevents hair loss.

Egg Yolk – Egg yolk has amino acids and proteins which are great nutrients for the hair. Besides, it contains several other nutrients required for faster and healthier hair growth. The biotin found in yolk helps in renewing the hair follicles and roots.

There is no need to mess with different chemicals and unproven methods. Your hair will re-grow in the shortest possible time and you will again be a proud owner of long and beautiful hair.

This mixture is perfect combination of three natural products that will give you really amazing results. Your hair will be healthier and fast growing. You will notice that your hair will re – grow in very short time.

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Belly fat is a common cause of worry to both men and women. It affects even slim people with a flat stomach. When it comes to fat, there are two types – one fat is under your skin while the other is deeper inside your body, surrounding your internal organs, including your lungs, liver, heart etc.

Apart from being unappealing, belly fat is also really unhealthy, especially visceral fat – the one that’s deeper in the abdomen. Excess belly fat can be the reason for type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart diseases, insulin resistance, some types of cancer, dementia, high blood pressure and many more.

The fundamental purpose behind belly fat is your way of life, your age and how dynamic you are. If you need to lose belly fat, you have to make a few improvements throughout your life.

Exercise – 30 minutes of moderate exercise no less than 5 days a week.

Diet – when you lose weight, you lose belly fat also.

Reduce the worries and have enough rest.

Be that as it may, regardless of the possibility that you tried each one of those tips, despite everything you have stomach fat- Do not worry! There is still hope!

Here is the best homemade solution to lose belly fat: Ginger Lemon Honey Tea!!

You will need:

  • 4 cups of water
  • 1 peeled and sliced ginger
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 tablespoon of honey


Add the ginger to the water, and leave it to stay for 10 minutes to bubble. Remove it from the stove. You should add the lemon juice. Blend it and add honey.
Drink one cup of this tea in the morning. For best results, have 2-3 cups a day.

Ginger is thermo genic agent. That implies that ginger raise body temperature and aid in the process of burning fat. Ginger additionally represses cortisol production. That is steroid hormone vital for energy regulation and mobilization.

6 Plants That Will Cause Breasts Growth Without Surgery!

Many women would like to have Breasts Growth but are uncomfortable with the idea of undergoing cosmetic surgery. Luckily, there are some options that could help to increase breast size naturally, with no implants required. Mother Nature has provided humans with a wealth of plant life that can improve health as well as provide many other benefits. Here are some examples of plants people can use to try and increase the size of their breasts.

Saw Palmetto
This plant is found in the Southeastern U.S. and was popular as both food and medicine with Native Americans. This herb is known to balance hormones and block some enzymes in the body. Breast enlargement is a side effect of these processes. With regular use, many women will experience larger and firmer breasts. The results are typically noticeable within two months of beginning use. The recommended dosage is approximately 160 mg per day.

Supplements designed to increase breast size almost always use fennel as the active ingredient, or as one of the main herbal ingredients. It can be used in two different ways. Fennel leaves can be used to brew a flavorful tea that can be consumed daily, or the herb can be added to moisturizing creams and applied directly to the breasts. Fennel works to enlarge breasts by helping the body to increase estrogen production.

Red Clover
This common plant is found across the U.S. and the U.K. Supplements made from this plant can help to increase breast size. It is beneficial because it contains four separate phytoestrogens that can act as estrogen in the body. The specific phytoestrogens found in red clover bind to estradiol receptors that are responsible for the development of breast tissue.

Wild Yam
This one plant not only can help to enlarge breasts and improve breast health, it may actually help to increase the libido in women too. Users can increase fullness in the breasts by mixing powdered, concentrated wild yam with any lotion and applying it to their breasts daily.

Black Cohosh
This herb is known for its ability to help women with menopausal symptoms and for increasing estrogen levels. The extra estrogen activity can increase breast size. It can also induce labor, so it should never be used by pregnant women. Black cohosh is typically sold in a liquid extract that can be massaged directly into the skin.

Most commonly known as an ingredient in beer, hops are another phytoestrogen. This easy to find plant contains what is considered to be one of the most potent of the phytoestrogens available. It also contains and anti-androgen which may reduce the levels of male hormones in women.

Women who want to use these products to enlarge their breasts can either purchase or grow the plants on their own or purchase herbal supplements in pill, liquid or powder form. If using a prepared supplement, always make certain that the product is 100 percent genuine and not primarily fillers. Diluted, inexpensive supplements will not have the correct concentration needed to provide the desired benefit.

In addition, women with known plant allergies may be unable to use these products. If an allergic reaction occurs, or there are side effects like abdominal distress when taken internally or a skin rash after applying topically, discontinue use immediately. Anyone currently on a prescribed medication should discuss the use of these plants with their doctor first to make certain there is no risk of interaction. It is generally safe to use more than one plant at a time to speed up results.

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Add These Two Ingredients To Your Shampoo And Say Goodbye To Hair Loss Forever!

The state of your hair doesn’t only enhance your beauty but always says a lot about your health.There are several products out there that promise hair growth but offer little by way of meeting their promise. They also could be harmful to your health as a lot of these commercial hair growth products contain harmful chemicals that can cause more harm to your health than good.

Today you can strengthen brittle and lose hair with three natural ingredients added to your regular shampoo. This DIY homemade recipe is cost effective and quite easy to prepare.

The Hair Growth Recipe

You will need the following ingredients;

-Rosemary essential oil — 10 drops (this is effective in giving your hair strength and stimulating blood flow)

-Lemon essential oil — 10 drops (it will refresh your scalp and hair as well as provide antiseptic properties)

-A natural shampoo — with a neutral pH level

-Vitamin E capsules — 2 (this is excellent for combating hair loss)


-In your neutral pH shampoo add your 2 vitamin E capsules as well as the 10 drops of both the lemon and rosemary essential oil.

-Make sure to shake the shampoo bottle very well and you now have your hair growth recipe.


Use this recipe regularly.

Make sure to apply the recipe to wet hair by gently massaging it into your hair and onto your scalp.

Massage for at least 10 minutes.

Allow the recipe to sit on your hair and scalp for a period of 10 minutes.

After this time thoroughly rinse your hair and scalp with warm water.

…and that’s it!

The recipe will boost blood circulation in your scalp and will strengthen your hair roots as your hair gets a quick boost and starts to immediately grow.

Try this homemade DIY hair growth recipe today and you will be glad you did!

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Consume This Natural Remedy Before Bedtime to Detoxify Your Body and Eliminate Abdominal Fat!

The regular consumption of processed and sugary foods can lead to excess toxin build up in your body. That’s not all, leading an unhealthy lifestyle can also result in toxin accumulation.

In addition, many commercial personal care and household products you use daily are full of harmful chemicals that can also contribute to this health issue. Also, it can result in abdominal fat accumulation.

Namely, by detoxifying your kidneys, liver, colon and lungs you can actually cleanse and nourish your body from the inside out.

You Should Take This Detoxification Remedy Before Bedtime to Remove Your Abdominal Fat:

The miraculous detoxification mixture presented below can help eliminate the toxins from your body, boost your immune system, improve your metabolism, and get rid of your abdominal fat in no time!

Here Is the Recipe:


  • 1/3 cup of water
  • A piece of ginger root
  • Half a lemon
  • A cucumber
  • A bunch of parsley


First of all, you should grate the parsley and cut the cucumber into slices. Afterwards, just place all the ingredients in a blender and mix them well until you create a smooth mixture. Also, you can add a bit of honey for a better taste.

How to Use It:

It is recommended to consume the resulted mixture before bedtime. You should also follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly in order to get rid of the excess abdominal fat, improve your metabolism and enhance your overall health and well-being.

How Onion Helps in Hair Growth

Many people face the problem of hair loss. Though losing 50-100 hairs per day is considered as normal, losing hair cause concern and mental stress in people. Moreover, acute hair loss can affect the appearance of a person and affects their confidence levels. There are many natural remedies which are capable of inducing proper hair growth and the most important and effective among them is Onion juice.

Natural And Safe Method
It is completely safe to use onion for preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth as onion helps in hair growth without any side effects or causing allergies. There is no need to use harsh chemicals on your hair when you have an easily available, cheap and safe method for promoting hair growth. You can use onion as a natural remedy if you have receding hair line or bald patches. You may not be able to get the same result when you opt for hair loss treatment from costly hair spas.

Can Onion Help In Hair Growth?
Most of the people are skeptical about the use of onion for hair growth. Most of you will be thinking can onion help in hair growth? The scientific studies on natural remedies for hair loss has proven that applying onion juice and consuming onions is helpful in controlling hair loss and other problems related to hair such as dandruff, fungal infections and  yeast infections. It has been found that onion juice is also effective in preventing premature graying of hair.

How Does Onion Help In Hair Growth?
Most of the people are unaware of how onions are effective in promoting hair growth. Onions have rich sulfur content in them. Onion juices when applied on the scalp alone or in combination with other hair loss remedies can improve the blood circulation to the scalp. Sulfur also improves the production of collagen tissues which is necessary for the growth of hair. Hair grows from the hair follicles in the scalp and increased blood supply to the scalp brings better nutrients and nourishment to the follicles and promotes hair growth. The sulfur content in the juice also has anti-bacterial properties and prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria on the scalp which reduces the chances of losing hair due to these infections. Onion juice increases the strength of the hair and prevents thinning and breakage. You can achieve improved volume to your hair by regularly applying the onion juice on the scalp.

Onion to Grow Hair Faster
To achieve hair growth with the help of onion juice you need to extract the juice of the onions and apply it on the scalp thoroughly. Though, the juice has a pungent smell, the remedy is highly effective in achieving the results you need. You need to keep the juice on the scalp for at least 30 minutes. You can keep it for longer if you will be able to bear the smell of the juice. Rinse off the juice using water and mild shampoo. You will have to repeat this remedy at least thrice a week for at least two months to see the results. This is a natural remedy and it will take some time to give the expected result.

How To Make Onion Juice For Hair Growth?

It is very easy and simple to make the onion juice for hair growth. You can use a food processor or blender, grater or a juicer to extract the juice. Peel the required number of onions according to the length of your hair and cut them into pieces. You can put them in blender or juicer and run it to get the required amount of juice. To extract the juice using grater, cut the onion into halves and grate each half, squeeze out the juices from grated onion using your hand.

Simple Methods Of Using Onion for Hair Growth

1.    Onion Juice-Honey Mixture

You can use this remedy in two different ways. You can mix ¼ cup of onion juice with one honey tablespoon of honey and you can consume it orally every day or you can apply the mix on the scalp and massage it for 15 minutes daily to see the difference.

2.    Concoction Of Onion Juice And Rum

If you find the smell of onions unbearable you can use this method to prevent the loss of hair and to improve the growth of hair. Finely chop one medium sized onion and soak this in a glass of rum overnight. Next day, strain the mixture to remove the onion pieces. Use the concoction to massage the scalp or use it as a hair rinse after washing the hair.

3.    Add Onion In Your Recipes

You can include onions in regular recipes and in salads to get the benefits of using onion. This will not act as fast as applying the juice to the hair.

4.    Onion Juice Hair Rinse

This is another method of using onions for hair growth without getting tears and irritation to eyes. Add 4-5 chopped onion to one liter of water and boil it for about 10 minutes. Allow the mixture to cool and strain the mixture. Use the onion boiled water to rinse your hair after shampooing. If you are not bothered with the smell you need not wash the hair with water that day. You can clean your hair using water and mild shampoo next day.

Hair is part of the personality of a person. If you are worried about your excessive hair loss, you can try the above remedy. Select a method convenient to you and stick to it for at least two months. Your hair will first achieve a good sheen and slowly you will see your hair becoming stronger and thicker. To boost your hair growth, you can also massage your hair and scalp with a mixture of olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil once in a week. You can achieve better results, if you leave the oil overnight on your hair. Always eat a healthy diet to prevent hair loss and to promote the re-growth of the hair.

5 Foods You Should Be Eating After A Heart Attack To Save Your Life

Having had a heart attack, your lifestyle will change. However, there are easy ways to make those changes without terribly upsetting the balance of your life for a little while, at least. No matter what foods you choose to incorporate or delete from your post-heart attack diet, they will help you a lot.

Food 1: Almond Butter, Unsalted

This is a food that should be added. The unsalted piece is crucial – added salts, sugars, and fats often abound in other nut butter, whether they be peanut or not. However, nut butter themselves are full of fatty acids that are good for the body. Whole-grain toast with any unsalted nut butter makes a great alternative to the white bread toast with butter that is oh so popular.

Food 2: Soft or Sugary Drinks

These should be avoided, or taken out of the diet completely. However, if you must have some sort of sugary drink or a soda, only eight ounces a day are recommended each day. After all, a 12 ounce can or bottle of soda has ten teaspoons of sugar (like what would be put in homemade cookies or cake). In addition, weight gain is a possibility with this as calories are not counted the same way from liquids as they are from solids. It’s quite likely you’ll eat as much as you would with water as the drink.

Food 3: Red and Black Grapes

This is certainly an addition to any diet. Grapes right off the vine are good, anytime. These awesome little fruits contain a chemical called resveratrol. This chemical helps keep the platelets in the blood from sticking together when they should not be sticking together. In moderation, red wine can be good as well. However, if you currently do not drink, it is not suggested that you begin to drink since all alcohol carries some health risks. If you cannot go without your nightly drink of wine, you can ask your doctor if the amount you currently drink is okay for you. It is recommended that a healthy man drinks no more than two glasses in a specific time – and women should not drink more than one.

Food 4: Salmon

This is a good food to add. A serving a little bit bigger than a computer mouse is overflowing with omega-3 fatty acids. This awesome acid does the same thing as resveratrol from the grapes – keeps the blood from clotting. The American Heart Association suggests getting, at least, two servings of fish. If you don’t enjoy salmon, other options include tuna, trout, sardines, and mackerel. Not only do these fun fish have omega-3s that help keep blood from clotting, the acids lower triglycerides. This is a kind of fat that can lead to heart disease and further increase the risks of a heart attack or other issue.

Food 5: Any Highly Processed and/or Refined Grains

This is a big no-no. Whole wheat grains are the way to go, but if no whole wheat is available, the most you should have is seven servings of processed or refined grains a week. Whole grains help to lower your weight over time, lower blood pressure, and lower cholesterol. Refined and processed grains have very few of the good benefits that come from eating a whole wheat alternative. These highly processed grains often also have more added sugars, sodium, and trans fat that make their health value plummet, big time.

Following these suggestions offer a way to help keep a second heart attack at bay. It may even be the difference between life and death.

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Take This Juice For 7 Days and Forget About Belly Fat!

Excess weight can cause a number of medical problems and according to the latest information from the WHO increase the risk for development of chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. The bad news is that more and more people are fighting this problem and face dire consequences.

Statistics indicate that over 2 billion people around the globe suffer from obesity, which is almost 30 % of the entire global population – a problem which accounts for at least 5 % of deaths on the planet. This is a very serious issue and should be dealt with as soon as possible if further problems are to be avoided.

People suffering from this condition usually start some strict diets or even turn to liposuction when they think there’s no other alternative. Despair shouldn’t force you to do something so drastic but maybe you just haven’t found a better approach. Why don’t you try something more natural and miraculously effective? If you want to lose weight and get healthy you’ve come to the right place!

Say good-bye to abdominal fat

Firstly, you must pay attention to what you eat if you want to shed that extra weight and get in shape. You must ration your portions, eat healthier, consume more fruits, veggies and whole foods and eliminate sweets and sugars completely and immediately. If you want to be successful you must be dedicated and committed to your cause!

In addition to adopting a healthier lifestyle you can also try this amazing fat-burning recipe which will stimulate weight loss and help you reach your goal sooner. The beverage we’ve got prepared for you includes a cucumber, 3 pieces of pineapple, celery and a cup of parsley. Wash the fruits and veggies thoroughly, add them in a blender and blend them until they’re combined. Drink this beverage on an empty stomach in the morning. Don’t add any sugar or artificial sweeteners and drink it within 15 minutes so that it doesn’t lose any of its nutritional values.

You mustn’t add any type of sweetener or sugar in the drink! Do not leave it more than 15 minutes after you’ve blended it! You must drink it right away as it may lose its nutrients!

The results will be visible in no time and you’ll start feeling healthier and stronger as well!


Guava leaves have been proven to be effective for increasing platelets for patients with dengue fever, but can also prevent hair loss. Isn’t that fantastic?! Experts say that the leaves can avoid and overcome hair loss if used as a daily hair care.

Why are guava leaves good for your hair?

The main reason for this is because they are packed in vitamin B which is the most important vitamin that protects the health and hair fertility.

What you have to do?

Boil and handful of guava leaves in 1 liter of water for 20 minutes. After that, let the mixture cool down at a room temperature.

You can wear water decoction of guava leaves like a tonic, applying it on the scalp and the roots of the hair.

Another thing you can do is massage your scalp with it, let it stay for couple of hours and then wash it off. You can do this procedure, but letting your hair stay like that overnight, just apply shower cap or a towel and rinse off the following morning. When you massage your scalp with tonic made from guava leaves, you will be able to regulate hair loss. The herb will strengthen the roots and hair follicles.

Start now!