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A good lifestyle and your diet can actually help you to lower the risk of Cancer. About a one-third of death because of Cancer are due to bad diet. Some foods such as fruits, vegetables and high fibre foods help you to prevent the Cancer by strengthening your immune system to fight against Cancer and other diseases, while other foods such as red meats and salt increase the risk of developing Cancer. So it’s very important what food you consume, here are the top 5 foods that can actually lower the risk of Cancer

Cancer fighting food

Garlic – An Anti-Cancer Diet: Hippocrates the father of Modern medicine has said, Garlic can treat Cancer tumors and sources says that Garlic was used in Uterine Cancer treatment during ancient times. Garlic is high in Vitamin C and also contains mineral called selenium, both these can are very helpful to protect and fight against Cancer.

Beans – An Anti-Cancer Diet: Some beans such as pinto and red kidney beans are full of antioxidants sources and also contain fibers, So Beans can play an important role in healthy cell division and is crucial to the repair of damaged cells

Green Tea – An Anti-Cancer Diet: Green Tea contains Catechins which is an antioxidant, sources says that Catechins in tea can shrink tumors and reduce tumor cell growth. So it’s good to have a cup of green tea every day, for woman it can actually reduce the risk of stomach Cancer.

Tomatoes – An Anti-Cancer Diet: Some sources say that eating tomatoes can help protect men from prostate Cancer. The juicy red orbs of Tomatoes protect the DNA in your cell from damage which may lead to Cancer. Tomatoes contains antioxidants called lycopene, which is a Cancer fighting agent.

Berries – An Anti-Cancer Diet: Blueberries contains high amount of powerful antioxidants called pterostilbene which has Cancer fighting properties and Cranberries contains Cancer fighting natural chemicals.

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