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Benefits of Guava Leaves & Juice [ Cancer,Diabetes]

It is useless to talk about Guava, as everyone is familiar with the benefits this amazing fruit offers. But, Guava leaves are often overlooked. Many would have even not seen the leaves of this amazing fruit. The leaves are popularly known as “Amrood ke patte”. The leaves have a good amount of vitamin A and vitamin C. Let’s have a look at the health benefits guava leaves offer.

Health Benefits of Guava Leaves & Guava Leaf Juice


Guava leaf extract can be used in the treatment of gastric cancer. Thanks to the compounds like lycopene and quercetin, it is capable of neutralizing  free radical damage in the body. High level of lycopene contained in guava leaves makes them capable of fighting with breast, oral and prostate cancer.


Since ancient time, people used guava leaf tea to control diabetes. People in Japan often use guava tea in order to control diabetes.  Also, guava leaf extract is useful in controlling type 2 diabetes.

High Cholesterol

If you want to reduce bad cholesterol naturally without any side effects, guava leaves are worth trying. If you are not comfortable with leaves, you may try the fruit itself. Because of the low level of fat content, guava is very effective in reducing bad cholesterol.

Weight loss

Guava leaves are often used as weight loss supplement because it prevent the conversion of complex carbohydrates into sugars and thus help in weight loss.


 Jut chew two three guava leaves. The chemicals contained in guava leaves acts as a natural pain reliever. You can use guava leaves as a natural mouth freshener.

Wounds and Infections

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents contained in guava leaves make them effective in curing wounds and infections.

Guava leaves are effective in improving the eyesight because they contain a high amount of vitamin A.

coughs and colds

Guava leaves can cure a cold. yes! if you want to cure a cold, instead of antibiotics, it is better to try guava leaves. A decoction made by boiling guava leaves can effectively cure coughs and colds as it is capable of reducing mucus. Also, its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties make it capable of curing throat and lungs infection.


 Guava leaf tea is effective in treating diarrhea. To make the tea boil ten guava leaves in four cups of water for ten minutes. Drink this lukewarm.

Hair loss

If you have falling hairs and tried everything, this may be last stop stop. just boil some guava leaves in the water. Let the water cool down and then massage the scalp with this water. This may prevent the hair fall.

Acne and dark spots

Fresh guava leaves paste if applied on face, can help in removing acne and dark spots.

Although all are tried and tested many times, it is always advisable to take the expert advice before using this home remedies, particularly in chronic diseases like cancer or diabetes.

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