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Benefits of Guava Red For Health and Beauty

Benefits of guava is very easily obtained with the consumption of this fruit. Not only beneficial for beauty, guava proved very useful to overcome some health problems. This fact is linked to a number of essential nutrients in the fruit. Ranging from skin problems to serious illnesses, can be treated with regular drinking guava juice.

Fruit that has a sweet and sour taste of this, has the scientific name Psidium guajava . Plants guava grows well in tropical climates, including Indonesia and other Asian countries. Facts Nutrition in Guava red super fruit is rich in a number of important vitamins such as vitamin A, C, folate, B3 (niacin), pantothenic acid, vitamin E and K.

In fact, simply by ¼ kg of fruit has been meeting the needs of vitamin C daily for adolescents aged 13-20 years. The outer skin of the fruit contains vitamin C is higher than his. Guava also enriched with several essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium, manganese, and copper. It also comes with important compounds such as psidiolat acids, essential oils, Ursolic acid, lutein, guajaverin acid, lycopene, kratogolat acids, flavonoids, and oleanolat acid.

With enjoyed as juice or eaten directly, so many health and beauty benefits will be obtained. If you want to drink fruit juice, preferably filtered water after pulverized in a blender. Here are the benefits of guava for health and beauty:

1. Nourish eyesight Guava belong to the super foods that nourish the eyes , in addition to carrots. Vitamin A in the fruit is actually working to keep your vision. With consumption of fruit regularly, were able to prevent cataracts, macular degeneration and other vision disorders. The fruit is very suitable to be consumed by someone who has experienced a loss of vision.

2. Preventing cancer Guava is rich red and poly-phenolic flavonoids are antioxidants, which are useful for preventing the growth of cancer cells. In addition, lycopene in these fruits can prevent prostate cancer. Learn: How to prevent cancer should be known .

3. Relieve cough and fever

Guava fruit is loaded with vitamin C, which is very useful for fighting viral infections and cold. With drink guava juice, reduces phlegm when coughing.

4. Maintain nerve function and brain guava enriched with vitamins B3 and B6, which help maintain brain health. Both of these vitamins are useful to improve blood circulation, nourish the brain, and maintain nerve function.

5. Preventing constipation fruit guava contains soluble fiber, which is useful to smooth the digestive system and protects the mucous membrane of the intestine. Guava is also effective as a purgative, which helps healthy bowel movements and colon cleansing.

6. Lowering hypertension One of the benefits of guava is to prevent thickening of the blood, which in ahirnya control the fluidity of the blood and lowers high blood pressure. The nutrients in the fruit is also believed to reduce blood cholesterol. Guava hypoglycemic classified as foods that are good for controlling blood pressure, and relieve your heart’s job.

7. Nourish the thyroid gland guava has abundant copper mineral, which is useful for increasing the metabolism of the thyroid so that thyroid hormone production is more controlled.

8. Reduce high sugar levels Soluble fiber in guava is also useful for controlling the absorption of sugar in the blood, resulting in lower levels of insulin and glucose in our body. The results showed that the guava is able to prevent the emergence of type 2 diabetes.

9. Treating diarrhea and dysentery Guava is also loaded with astringent compounds that can prevent diarrhea. This sweet fruit is round and disenfektan and anti-bacterial, which can inhibit the growth of microbes in the gut. It is very effective to overcome dysentery.

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