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Health benefits of Papaya leaf : Papaya leaf juice

We all know about the benefits of the papaya fruit but not about the papaya leaf. You will not believe that papaya leaves have more powerful benefits. It started to be famous through the using for the dengue fever. It has very effective ability to cure dengue fever through increasing the platelet count. But now scientist have found it has lots of health benefits. There is a big increase in the dengue fever in rainy season. Most of the patients die from it without having treatments. Papaya leaf juice is a simple and inexpensive treatment for the dengue fever and it help to cure and maintain that disease.

To make the Papaya leaf juice First of all have to find the medium sized papaya leaves which are washed and clean.Cut them and place them with a 2 liters of water. Boil the leaves until water get half from it’s amount. Finally strain it and store in a glass. Alternative way is we can use it with crushing the papaya leaves and squeeze them without getting fiber and stem parts.

This Papaya leaves juice is contraindicat to the breastfeeding and pregnant women because it goes through milk to the baby and induce abortions and also should not be use with any thyroid stimulator.


Cure Cancer – The milky sap that contains the leaves help to prevent and kill cancer cells through acetogenin that it contain. There is lots of evidence that who got cure from this big disaster “cancer” from papaya leaves. It is very effective for prostate, breast, liver and lung cancers. In modern world most of the people using papaya leaf tea as cancer cure agent.

Prevent Heart Burn – Papaya leaves contain lots of papain, protease enzymes, amylase enzymes that help to digest carbohydrate, protein. This will help to prevent acid reflux. It contains karpain which help to kill bacteria. So it’s preventing gastric ulcer and Inflammatory Bowel disease.

For Acne – Papaya leaves blend and add water to make a paste. Use as a mask it will help you to prevent acne.

Increase Platelet Count – It helps to increase platelet count and for thrombocytopenia. So Papaya leafs can be used for dengue fever and other clotting diseases.

Prostate Enlargement – Help for the benign prostate cancer.

Reduce Skin Problems – Help to prevent fungal Infections, warts and scars. Leaves contain high content of vitamin A and C. This will help to promote skin health. Act as skin cleansing agent.

There are lots more benefits from papaya leaves like, Reduce menstrual pain, Increase appetite, cataracts, Emphysema, Immune booster, Anti-aging property, for malaria and also for the hair treatment.


Papaya contains papain. It helps to prevent breakdown protein, carbohydrate and fat. so it works as meat tenderizer. It also has chemical compound called carpain. It helps to kill bacteria.

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