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Medicinal Benefits of Guava Juice for Hair,Skin & Health Care

In order to get the boost of the important minerals and vitamins, you should consume the standard serving of the fruits and vegetables to stay healthy to some extent. Likewise other fruits, guava is extremely beneficial fruit for your overall health. In this summer, eat the guava either by making its chaat or by incorporating it in the juice, give your body a seasonal treat in this summer season.

Guava is high in the Vitamin C besides with the Vitamin D and A, calcium, folic acid, potassium and nicotinic acid. With the creamy texture and sweet to taste, do you ever wonder that this medium sized fruit is packed with so many essential nutrients that you require on a daily basis. In fact, the guava is considered as the nutrients powerhouse, because of the presence of all the nutrients needed to work our engine of the body more efficiently. In what ways, the guavas are thought to be the mind blowing fruit, lets discover it further,

Guava Juice Health Benefits 

Controls the Diabetes 
When the hormones, controlling blood sugar level become vitally and functionally unstable, then this condition is referred as the diabetes. Hence, the people with diabetes are tending to have either a very low or very high sugar level, depending on the stage, severity and complication of the disease.

Perhaps, the people with diabetes would have more rapid spike in the blood sugar levels due to the poor function or even absence of the particular hormone, leading to the multiple complications. Guava is low in calories as well as having a low glycaemic index. Even, if the sugar levels are a bit raised, the embedded fiber content will well-regulate the sugar levels. However, it is also suggested that the guava can prevent the diabetes as well. So, if you’re on a borderline of this disease, chug the guava juice at least once in a day.

Boosts immune system
More than hundred of micro organisms may try to invade in your vital systems, but, due to the powerful and potential barriers come in their way, they won’t get entry into your body. Do you know what the barriers are? Well, your strong immune system works as your defensive line, posting the soldiers (antibodies, WBCs etc) in the certain regions of the body to ensure tight security.

Guavas are one of the richest sources of the Vitamin C; in fact, it is loaded with four times higher Vitamin C content than the oranges. Vitamin C is the major ingredient, making your immune system much stronger. So, Vitamin C present in the guava is very much important to protect you against the harmful pathogen and improve your immunity power.

Enhances the vision quality
Though, the eyeglasses and the contact lenses have been trending from years, but, do you ever think to eat the vision friendly fruits? Well, guava improves the eye’s health. As it is packed with the vitamin A, the guava is the vision booster. Vitamin A is needed by the eyes to be converted in the purple pigment necessary for the night vision.

In fact, the guava consumption can aid in the delay of the cataracts, macular degeneration and other eye health problems. Not only, it can help in the degradation of the eyesight, yet, it can prevent and slow down the eyesight’s degradation so far.

So, make the fruit salad with the guava and enjoy it as a snack.

Locks the skin’s health
The complete combination of the lycopene, carotene, Vitamin C and A provides the ultimate protection against the aging signs. It also evens your skin’s complexion, making it more radiant and fresh. Blend the guava pulp with the egg yolk and apply it on the face for about 20 minutes and rinse it with the cold water. By the regular application of this scrub, the blemish and dark spots will start to diminish along with the removal of the layers of the dead cells from your skin.
Guava is also on top of the rank in the astringent properties. Guava also let your skin to tone up besides with tightening up the facial muscles. So, get rid of the unusual redness, irritation, complexion issues and the dark circles with the help of the guavas!!!

Favors the hair growth and its maintenance
Including potassium, folic acid, manganese, flavonoids and so on, the guava is the perfect fruit for speeding up the hair growth and its maintenance. Somehow, it also fights against the hair loss issues.

From toothache to the weight loss, to treating the scurvy, to easing up the stomach ailments, to rejuvenating your mind, to tapering down the cold and cough and to combating with the dengue fever, the guava is like a one-stop-shop for solving your health problems and maintaining your physical and mental well-being.

So, supple your body, hair and skin with the supplemental nutrients of the guava which you can only get by eating, drinking or even applying it. Hence, consume the guava in which form you love to, the choice is yours!!!

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