Selasa, 01 Mei 2018

3 Days Colon, Liver and Lungs Detox That Will Remove All Toxins, Fat And Excess Water!

For 72 hours this detoxification you will feel reborn and healthy!

Flushing toxins from the body is a very important process if you want to have perfect health, but can also make you feel better. For example, the lungs should be cleaned from time to time, especially if you are a smoker. Since we are exposed to toxins every day, it is important to use the entire capacity of the lungs and keep them clean.

Two days before you start with this purging method you should stop eating and drinking dairy items since the body needs to free itself from the poisons piled up in the body from their utilization.
Drink a cup of herbal tea before you go to rest one day before the regime. Besides, the tea will remove all poisons from the bowel. Remember that you must not burden the lungs amid the purifying with heavy physical exercises.


Before breakfast you should drink 300 ml of water with juice from two squeezed lemons. You should drink 300 ml of grapefruit juice, in case if you can’t stand the taste, drink the same measure of pineapple juice (crisply squeezed, not purchased).

Drink 300 ml of water with juice from two squeezed lemons before breakfast. At that point, drink 300 ml of grapefruit juice, however in the event that you cannot withstand the taste, drink the same measure of pineapple juice (crisply squeezed, not purchased). The juices from these organic products contain common cancer prevention agents which enhance the capacity of the respiratory system

Drink 300 ml of freshly arranged carrot juice in the middle of breakfast and lunch and it will help in the blood alkalization.

Amid lunch, drink 400 ml of juice or shake rich in potassium since it will have an impact same as a purging tonic. Such organic products are bananas, pears, apricots…

Before you go to sleep, drink 400 ml of cranberry juice which will help against the microorganisms in the lungs that can bring about infections.

You should relax in a warm bathtub each of the three days for around 20 minutes, since the sweating will prompt removal of the toxins from the body.

Put five to ten drops of essential eucalyptus oil in a vessel with bubbled water and breathe in from it by covering your head with a towel. Breath in the steam until the water cools off.