Selasa, 23 Agustus 2016


Making garlic juice is easy and does not take much time. Drinking it has multiple health benefits, especially in the prevention of some common infections and improving overall general health. It can improve immunity health and helps strengthen the body to ward off colds, lower cholesterol, and improve cardiovascular health. You do not need to use a lot of garlic bulbs to make garlic juice.

Reasons for drinking garlic juice:

1) Garlic juice may be a good remedy for some of the health conditions that most people deal with. It helps in the prevention of some chronic diseases. Some of the diseases prevented by drinking garlic juice include; cancer (not a cure) and obesity related diseases among others. Garlic juice is often used in the effort to lose weight and improve overall cardiovascular health. Garlic juice can also be used effectively to treat some bacterial infections.

2) With the help of Allicin which is the active ingredient found in garlic, you can lose weight and prevent any obesity related diseases that target the heart. This compound when in the body will help in reduce the overall fat content in your body. Your overall health will improve when garlic juice is combined with a healthy low calorie diet and exercise. The reduction in the bad cholesterol levels from drinking garlic juice can be significant. The good cholesterol level increases can be impressive also. By drinking garlic juice to lose weight, you get additional health benefits that include thinning of the blood and getting rid of potential blood clots. Blood clots may be a major reason for strokes and heart attacks.

How to make garlic juice – ¼ of a cup or one serving.

Ingredients: 1 head of garlic.

1) Break up the garlic cloves. Put them in a Garlic Shaker® and shake the skin off. Pour the skinless cloves out. Next you should wash them clean.

2) Using a garlic press, or blend them to make garlic puree. Take the puree and place it in a strainer and strain the juice out into a bowl or you can use a spatula to press the juice down to the bowl. Remove all matter except for the garlic juice itself. You may keep the garlic cloves for cooking or other uses.

3) Next you want to get the cleanest purest form of garlic juice. In order to accomplish this you need to take a coffee filter and hold it over a bowl. Do not pour it through a coffee maker because the strong flavor of the garlic will be hard to clean and remove. Pour the raw garlic juice through the coffee filter, holding the filter securely in your hand and allowing the juice to strain through the filter into the bowl. Go slowly because the process of getting the juice to filter through the strainer can take a little patience.

4) After you have strained all of the raw juice through the coffee filter, it is now ready for use. You can drink it immediately if desired, or refrigerate for later use. We prefer to add some lemon for flavor. The garlic juice may also be added to other juices and to soups and other foods. You can even add cinnamon if you prefer that flavor with a little bit of sugar.