Minggu, 08 April 2018

Oatmeal Helps To Lose Weight, Eliminate Uric Acid And Reduce Bad Cholesterol

ats have very healthy nutritional properties, it is an economic food and easy to acquire. It provides great energy and vitality, besides possessing a great amount of vitamins.

In many countries oatmeal is the favorite dish for breakfast, it has compound carbohydrates which do not affect the level of sugar in the blood.

Oatmeal is also used in innumerable remedies and preparations to lose weight, to eliminate uric acid, to reduce cholesterol, to lower blood pressure, to reduce blood sugar levels, to treat bronchitis and to improve cough.


  • -Decrease blood pressure
  • -It is an excellent option for celiacs (the gluten that owns the oats is very reduced)
  • -Reduces blood sugar levels
  • -Helps treat bronchitis and cough
  • -Helps lower cholesterol
  • -It is ideal for losing weight and eliminating body fat
  • -Provides protection against heart disease
  • -It serves to remove uric acid
  • -Treats anemia and increases the body’s natural defenses
  • -Fight Constipation
  • -Helps prevent baldness
  • -It has properties that help maintain healthy skin
  • -It helps prevent osteoporosis
  • -Iodine possesses help prevent goitre and helps regulate hypothyroidism


  • -Oat flakes
  • -Almond, coconut or other milk that you prefer
  • -Honey to sweeten to sweeten
  • -A serving of fruit of your choice
  • -A tablespoon of chia seeds (optional)


Add oats in a glass until half, then add a spoonful of chia seeds if you prefer, chia is excellent for slimming. Mix the oats and chia with a spoon, then pour milk until it reaches the top of the oats, ie 2 centimeters higher than the middle of the glass, finally add the portion of fruit of your choice.

Leave the glass in the refrigerator overnight, in the morning add a little more milk if you want and enjoy this delicious recipe.

Remember that you can use any fruit of your choice, for example bananas, strawberries, raspberries, plums, papaya, pineapple, etc.