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Say Goodbye To Back Pain! Here’s How To Get Rid Of Back Pain In Natural Way! Successful in 95% of Cases!

One of the commonest health issues today is back pain. According to some estimation, about 80 percent of the population around the world suffers at least once in their lifetime from lower back pain or lumbar (the lower part of the spine).

Moreover, back pain is considered to be the most common cause of absence from work. This health problem is also known as lumbago, hexenschuss, or witch stab.

The spine represents a set of vertebrae, and their launch is allowed by the cartilage rings. The spine is connected to numerous ligaments, nerves, blood vessels, and muscles.

The spine allows us to stand upright and to perform the multiple functions. However, if you expose your spine to constant train, twisting, pressure, bending, and shear, it will become overused.

Each part of the spine (cervical, thoracic, and lumbar) has different range of motion. The breast part for example is with very low mobility, while the neck part is the most mobile part.

Back pain can originate in degenerative changes, and they are usually caused by the transition between one part of the spine to another.

Risky categories

  • – People who have sedentary job
  • – People who have job that includes hard physical work
  • – People who have some spine anomalies that are the result from some spine surgeries or injuries, or people who suffer from osteoporosis
  • – People who are in adverse postures for a great part of the day
  • – Older men who have undergone a degenerative process

Treatment and prevention

Comfrey is an herb which can be usually found on wet fields, meadows, and tranches near water. This herb is extremely beneficial when it comes to relieving back pain.

Some scientists from the German Sports University in Bonn have carried out a study which included 120 people who suffer from lower and upper back pain. They proved that an ointment made from a comfrey extract is significantly efficient in reducing acute pain. In five days, this ointment completely healed the back pain.

According to some previous studies, the gel made of this herb is highly effective when it comes to reducing pain and dislocation of joints in people who suffer from osteoarthritis, as well as dislocation of knees, and when it comes to removing other pains too.

Here is a video which presents and describes three exercises which have been proven to be successful in 95 percent of the cases:

Caution: you are not recommended to take comfrey in the form of supplements or capsules, as it can be toxic to the liver.

Source http://makeyourlifehealthier.com