Rabu, 14 Juni 2017

She Poured Baking Soda In Boiling Water And Then Applied It Under The Nose And Lay Down To Sleep When She Woke Up In The Morning And Looked In The Mirror, She Was In Shock! Awesome!

Removing hair from the face is not easy for women as for men. Be sure to check out this simple way to get rid of them!This is mainly caused by a hormonal imbalance. Secrete high levels of testosterone in women can lead to irregular menstrual cycles and excess hair on the face and body. This disorder is known as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which is the main culprit in the increase in excess hair.

Other reasons for facial hair in women are medicinal side effects, acromegaly, obesity and ovarian cancer. Do not worry, there are easy ways to get rid of them:


Do this just before bedtime. Mix 1 tablespoon baking soda in 200ml of boiling water and allow to cool. Soak a cotton cloth and leave to dry a little and then apply to the area of ​​unwanted hair. Leave it overnight. In the morning, remove the cloth and apply a nourishing cream.

In the morning, remove the cloth and apply a nourishing cream. After 2-3 treatments, unwanted hair will fall off.

Nettle oil

This recipe has been in use since the 17th century and is still in use as it is so beneficial in removing unwanted hair. Here’s how to use it properly.

In 3 ml of vegetable oil seeds pour 3 tablespoons nettle and allow to stand for 2 weeks in a warm place. After that, strain and pour the mixture into a jar. Soak a piece of cotton wool and apply to the desired area to stay for 30-45 minutes.

Then wash your face with lukewarm water and mild soap. Repeat the treatment until the hair starts to fall.


Take a couple of fresh cloves of garlic and squeeze the juice from them. Apply to the skin 4-5 times a day for 30 minutes each day to get the desired results. Then rinse your face with mild soap and water and apply moisturizer. Repeat the process until the unwanted hair disappear.

Source http://www.healthylifehealthyfood.com