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They Said That This Fruit Was 10,000 Times Stronger Than Chemo. Here is What They Didn’t Tell You

All people nowadays are under huge media influence and a revolution can be started by well-placed health graphic.Lately, Graviola, the super tree, as well as its health features, has become especially popular graphic online praised. This herb, or fruit, originates from the Amazon rainforest and it has been discovered to prevent cancer.

Another popular name for this fruit is soursop, and it has been considered to be 10,000 times more efficient than chemotherapy when it comes to destroying cancer cells, which is one the diseases that has the highest death rate.

We present you a video that has become also pretty popular, about trilling results from a research carried out at the Purdue University. The results from this research reveal that Graviola has anti-cancerous features and this explains why the video has been watched more than 100,000 times.

Health Benefits of Graviola May Include Antioxidants, Immune Support and More

Graviola tree is nearly 15-30 feet tall, and it is very rich in nutrients. It grows in South America in the basin of the Amazon River.

Its texture reminds the texture of the custard and it looks like a melon. However, the most beneficial part of this tree is its bark and its leaves, which is quite important data, but rarely mentioned. They have been used by the Amazon natives for many years, for preparing tea. These people have treated many health conditions with this tea, including liver disease, arthritis, parasites and much more.

The government and its agencies do not recognize the amazing anti-cancer features of Graviola, but there are numerous proofs which show that this plant can be very useful for protection and preservation of people’s health.

These health benefits include:

  • -help in draining the lymphatic system
  • -support of the general immune system
  • -stimulation of the blood circulation in your body
  • -it is rich in antioxidant compounds and offers a protection against aging

the FDA has only recognized the immune system boosting effects of the graviola tree, but not its anti-cancer effects. What is even worse, the government agencies even threat the websites that publish this information about the anti-cancerous effects of Graviola to stop doing that or they will be punished.

Despite FDA’s disagreement, people still use this plant and treat cancer with the help of it. Not only people use it, but also many studies are conducted and there are numerous evidences collected that support the claim about Graviola’s anti-cancerous effects. However, it is unclear why there are no long-term studies done until the present moment.

Graviola and Anti-Cancer Studies

The major and the most inclusive research on anti-cancer properties of Graviola was conducted at the Purdue University’s School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and it was about ingredients found in the tree known as annonaceous acetogenins.

Millions were spent on this study, because it included other plants also, as pawpaw, and this plant is even richer in anti-cancerous agents than Graviola. The results of the study were promising, since they revealed that these ingredients were pretty effective in preventing the growth of cancer cells without influencing the healthy ones. These Graviola ingredients were proved to be excellent against drug-resistant cancer cells, too.

FDA and those who do not recognize the anti-cancerous effects of Graviola say that these studies were done in test tubes, in laboratories, and not on actual people and do not recognize these results.

The bad thing is that really there are not actual studies done on humans with cancer and other medical conditions and on the way it treats them.

Graviola is a rather strong natural remedy and thus you need to consult your doctor first if you want to use it.

Where to Buy an Organic Graviola Supplement

Let us first remind you that this text is just informative, and should not be replaced with a medical advice.

It is certain that Graviola has numerous health benefits and it needs to be a part of the future studies, and it has been long used in the traditional natural medicine.

It you choose to use Graviola, you would need to consult your naturopathic doctor who has used it in healing patients before.

Graviola trees that have the highest quality and the greatest benefits are those grown and harvested in their native, natural environments.

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