Selasa, 06 Juni 2017

This Miraculous Natural Remedy Eliminates Genital And Facial Warts, Moles And Age Spots Better Than Anything Else You Have Tried Before!

The skin is one of the organs most exposed to the dangers of the external environment. That is why it is one of the most suffering due to pollution, climate change and exposure to the sun.

Among the damages caused by UV rays we can mention wrinkles, warts, spots and pimples. If we add to this the genetic problems that we already have, we will have a disaster.

In today’s market it is full of products that promise to solve this type of problems. However, we all know that the vast majority do not give the expected results. Other than that, they are extremely expensive and difficult to get.

That’s why we want to show you a natural way to end these kinds of problems and many more. The ingredients we need to prepare these remedies are easy to get and very effective. Besides, they are quite cheap, so you will not need to incur large expenses to prepare them. But despite that, the results we will get will be impressive.



This ingredient is famous in the treatment against moles. The first thing to do is to spill vaseline in the affected area. Then, we will alicaremos the garlic majado on the mole and its environs and we will cover with a gaza. We will leave it for 4 hours and withdraw. We repeat this process every day.

Castor oil and bicarbonate

Both ingredients should be mixed until a homogenous paste is obtained. Then we will apply it on the mole and cover it with a gauze. We will let it work all night and rinse the next morning. This process will be repeated until the unwanted mole is removed.

Apple cider vinegar

This is one of the simplest to use. The only thing we must do is to sprinkle a cotton with the vinegar. Then we will place it on the mole with adhesive tape and leave it there for 8 hours, the process will be repeated every day until the mole disappears.


Banana peel

In this case, all we have to do is rub the inner part of the shell on the wart. This process will be repeated every night for 2 weeks in a row.

Honey bee

The honey we must apply it on the wart and cover it with a gaza. This process will be repeated as many times as necessary.

Apple cider vinegar

As if it were a mole, we anoint cotton with vinegar. Then we will put it on the wart and let it act all night or for 24 hours. This process will be repeated until the wart disappears.

Fig tree

Take one of the green fruits of the fig tree (known as figs) and cut it. Now, wait for the milk to come out of the fig and apply it gently directly onto the wart. Leave it on for several hours and remove with plenty of water.



Take some lemon juice and spread some cotton with it. Then rub it on the stain 2 times a day and do not expose yourself to the sun. It is best if you do it at night, to prevent the sun from damaging your skin.

Aloe vera

Apply Aloe Vera directly on the stain and let it act for between 20 and 30 minutes. Then remove the substance with plenty of water and repeat the process daily.


The first step is to grate an onion in its entirety. Now, we will apply it on the stain and let it act for 15 minutes. Finally, we will remove it with plenty of warm water. This process we must repeat every day until the stain disappears.

With any of these remedies we can eliminate the moles, shins, spots and warts. Do not hesitate and start today to try the one you like. We assure you that in a few days you will notice how your mole, wart, spot or shin disappears.